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When it’s time to let your swimsuit go....

Posted by Molly Stone on

Now that Summer is winding down, it’s a great time to clean out your swim wardrobe and make room for next swim season. So how do you decide which ones are ready to retire? 
  • Stretched out elastic- if it is no longer fitting snug then the elastic has worn out 
  • Worn/Thin fabric - it may become see through or you may start to see bubbling or discoloration between the liner and outside fabric
  • Torn lining
  • Pilling - when the fabric has been rubbed against a rough surface and creates those little fabric balls 
You've done the hard part of letting go of suits that have seen you through a lot of fun times in the sand and sun. So now that you’ve determined which suits have made their last splash- what do you do with them? 
Re-Purpose Your Suit:
If you are crafty you could definitely scour Pinterest for numerous home decor and craft projects that use re-purposed fabrics including swim fabric. 
Here are a few we thought were interesting:
BUT if you are not crafty you can still keep your old suits out of the landfill by recycling!  Most organizations like Goodwill do not accept swimsuits in any condition but we found one that will accept them and it goes to support a great cause. 
Recycle your suit: 

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