Swimsuit Season Never Ends: Winter Getaway Packing Tips

When the weather is frightful it’s time to get away and we’ve got tips/tricks to keep you packing light because nothing ruins a getaway like a clunky, heavy bag.
Beach Vacation: 
Headed for sand, sun and everything fun? Take us with you! But seriously here’s what you need to make the most of your warm weather vacay. 
Swimsuits: At least 2 so you never have to put on a wet one 
Think about the activities you plan to partake in. Will you be lounging, active, attending a pool party? Make sure your swimsuits can keep you covered and comfortable through it all. Check out our original collection for comfortable, classic, functional swimwear.
-Lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal in sweltering temperatures (cotton, linen and rayon). Fun, breezy dresses are great as cover-ups layered over your swimsuit or dressed up for evenings out. 
-Shorts pair so well with your swimsuit for a ready to swim or ready to stroll look. Look for linen or denim for ultimate breathability.  
-Flip flops or fun sandals are ideal for daytime and wedges will elevate you for a fun night out
-Skip the heavy jewelry but interesting statement pieces are great to add to your breezy dress for an evening of fun. 
-Hats in lightweight materials like straw and paper are a great option to protect you from the Sun, add flair to your basic wardrobe and cover messy beach hair
-Sunscreen is an essential tool to protect your skin! And add our favorite beauty balm for head to toe moisture, taming humid flyaway hair and removing makeup. 
Mountain Escape: 
Headed for high elevation and possibly colder temps? Here’s how to slay in the snow. 
Swimsuits: Of course there is always a reason to pack a swimsuit! Follow our rule of packing at least 2 so you never have to put on a wet one. 
-One Piece great for hot tubs while the bikini or tankini will get you through an indoor pool hang or sauna visit. 
-Layers will take you from the slopes to the fireside. Thermals are a great base layer then add layers in fabrics that are water resistant, lightweight and keep your body heat (alpaca or merino wool are great options). 
-Forget stilettos- stick with comfortable platforms or flat sole boots and booties 
-With all the clothing layers you don’t want to overwhelm with jewelry so focus on rings or earrings as accents 
-Beanies and fedoras in heavier fabrics like felt and wool keep heat from escaping through your head and hide dry climate flyaways 
-Sunscreen- it gets reflected off snow and you are closer to the sun at higher elevation so still need protection. And add our favorite beauty balm for head to toe moisture, taming flyaway hair without a hat and removing makeup
Our easy Winter Getaway Vacation Packing list helps keep you focused and make sure you have the essentials for a great winter escape!*
*Ok if you are headed to cold weather you may want a heavy coat too but you can pencil that in on the list 

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