Summer Style Series: How to Wear Your Swimwear As Clothes

Is this a thing? I stumbled across this trend  like I stumble across most great ideas: out of a combination of being time crunched and looking for a better, more streamlined way to do things. I was taking my girls to the pool and needed to run by the store to grab some lunch so instead of getting completely dressed or just throwing on my well used (nice way of saying scuzzy) beach cover up, I threw a long, black skirt over my solid black one piece, grabbed my trusty blue ombre fedora and nude wedges and rocked it as an outfit that would meet the strict grocery store etiquette requirements that forbids shopping in your swimsuit (this is a thing- we live by a busy lake and apparently people would drop in sans cover up so they make a big deal about it).

I have never worn body suits before so this was my first foray into the magic of having everything all tucked in and still looking like I am fully dressed sans any undergarments. I LOVED it!

My next adventure out in my swimsuit was for a family BBQ. Again I had my trusty, black one-piece and pulled on some bright salmon, linen shorts with elastic band/drawstring tie closure. I styled this look with some beaded flat sandals and 2 braids and felt cool-temperature and style wise.

My next idea is to wear this as a date night look by layering with a more dressed up skirt and heels and adding a statement piece of jewelry. As the creator of a swimwear brand it is only natural for me to love the idea of extending my swimwear wardrobe into my real life wardrobe and I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy this has been to do. It makes my old Summer staple pieces feel fresh and gives me the practicality of being able to jet to the pool, lake or beach quickly which feels kind of like being a beach babe super hero.

Outfit Ideas:
  1. Solid One Piece layered under shorts paired with wedeges or flat sandals and topped with chunky necklace and wide brim fedora. 
  2. Colorful Bandeau tucked under a shirt dress for a pop of color in place of a basic bra. Pair with colorful wedges, a long chain statement necklace and floppy fedora.  
  3. Solid One Piece layered under print maxi skirt with platform heels, statement necklace and blazer. 

  • I find this looks best when you choose a classic style suit that offers more coverage to avoid a lingerie look. You can still look sexy by choosing a plunging back suit or going with a cute crop bandeau top. I think this is a little hard to pull off as a clothed look when you wear a string or tie bikini top. 
  • Consider lining- if you are going to wear this around air conditioning just remember suits are not always as padded as bras so you may find yourself putting nipples on display...  
  • Bathroom.... So if you are wearing a one piece you need to either get comfortable pulling it to the side to pee or getting pretty much completely undressed to pull down for full bathroom exposure. Hey-I just want you to be prepared! 

There are tons of different options so check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration and share your Swimwear in Real Life style with us on Instagram using #SwimwearinRealLife

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