Multi-Tasking Beauty: How One Balm is Keeping Us Smooth, Clean and Fresh

Like most women I want to have amazing, glowing skin but the thought of committing to an 11 step process or filling my entire vanity with different products overwhelms me. I have always been interested in finding the most efficient way to do things mostly because I am impatient. This need to problem solve and find a better way has led me to some awesome ideas….like Black Pearl. In the same way that I wanted a luxury, delightful, hassle-free swimsuit design and shopping experience- I want to find or create that for other areas of my life and multi-tasking beauty products are the key to delivering that. 
Thankfully, my friend Tasha and her friend Julie created a delicious and hard working beauty balm that delivers on so many of our skincare needs. everbelle is an all natural balm made from organic virgin coconut oil and other organic and natural essential oils and can be used to moisturize from head to toe, tame flyaways and remove makeup.
My first attempt at using coconut oil was either a solid, useless blob that would not rub in anywhere or a greasy, drippy mess that got everywhere so I was thrilled that everbelle’s texture is smooth and easily melts by rubbing gently between my palms. Bonus-it smells amazing and not like you are trying to become a pina colada.  
The sleek tin packaging and extremely portable 1oz size makes this an ideal beauty product for every day use, travel and a must have for beach days. 
My goal is to bring you an entire shop of products that align with Black Pearl’s mission and I am so thrilled that everbelle balm is part of that offering. Grab your tin today!
-Molly, Founder & CEO 

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