Get in Shape for Swimsuit Season

Around this time each year my social media and inbox become inundated with headlines for articles promising they have found the best suit for my body flaws -Hide your tummy! Make your chest seem fuller! Downplay wide hips! Sound familiar? Then there are the articles with the latest diet, workout and beauty routines all aimed at making me into a swimsuit acceptable version of myself - firmer, less bumpy, flat in all the right places and yet also somehow curvy in all the right places… basically flawless. 

How are we as women supposed to receive this messaging? Should our confidence or happiness this season really be wrapped up in finding the perfect swimsuit or scrubbing our skin to baby smoothness? When I think of Summer I think of the way the sun feels on my skin, the joy of diving into waves with my daughter, sipping cocktails with my husband in the sunset. This year I really want to focus on getting into the best mindset so that I can embrace and enjoy all this season has to offer no matter how my ass looks in my swimsuit. I encourage you to do the same. So here go the 3 steps to getting into the best mindset shape of your life for Swimsuit Season 2017:
  1. Get comfortable with the body you have today. This doesn’t mean you can’t want to lose 10lbs or get stronger or whatever your personal fitness goals are BUT don’t let that stop you from loving and accepting what you have today. And the more you get to know and love your body the more you become the boss of what looks good and works for you. Black Pearl is all about helping you find the best swimsuit but our recommendations are based on getting to know you- what you like to do, how you want to feel, etc. 
  2. Focus on the fun. At the end of the day do you want to miss out on playing with your kids or hanging out with your friends because you are worried how you’ll look in a swimsuit? Let it go! No one else cares about how you look in your swimsuit- or if they do then they need to get a life! Don’t miss out on your life over something so trivial.
  3. Get the swimsuit that makes you comfortable- don’t listen to all the fashion guides. Buy what makes you feel good because confidence always makes you look great and never goes out of style. 
Now just because I want you to show your body some love doesn’t mean I think you should settle for an ill fitting or uncomfortable swimsuit. I strongly support educating women on what styles are available and what the various features of swimsuits provide in support, coverage, etc. so that you are empowered to find what works best based on how you want your suit to fit. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing a blog series that breaks down all this information so check back in or follow our social media so you don’t miss out!  

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