Summer Style Series: Hat Trick

One of the staples of my Summer wardrobe is a lightweight wide brim fedora. Why do I love hats so much? They are the perfect accessory. Don't limit yourself to just wearing one at the beach or pool. 5 things I love about hats for Summer:

SHADE- I'm in my 30's so a tanned face just accentuates my laugh lines (that's what we're calling these wrinkles, right?) but I can't stay out of the sun so a hat provides shade on the go so I can enjoy my time outside and keep my scalp, face and decollatage covered in a chic way

​Look Pulled Together- If you have time to put on a hat you surely have your sh*t together, right? It's the appearance of forethought about your outfit that always makes me feel as though I look purposefully dressed even if I did just grab whatever was clean on the top of the laundry basket 10 minutes before leaving the house.

Jazz Up a Basic Outfit- I am super hesitant to buy trendy clothes so my wardrobe is pretty classic and basic silhouettes and colors. When I do have time to think about what I want to wear I'll usually incorporate a hat to add that element of style that can bring an outfit from ho-hum to sophisticated or fun.                        

Get Rid of Bad Hair Days-Some days my hair is just not doing what I want and I lack the skills to create some magical updo that will distract from it so instead I do a low side ponytail or braid and then top it off with a hat. This literally covers what I am trying to hide and usually makes me feel pretty special.                                                                                                                   

 Conversation Piece- There is just something about a woman in a hat that inspires a bit of intrigue. I find myself wondering where she is going or what she does for a living and it must do the same for others because more often than not my hat will spark a conversation with a total stranger and usually ends with my recommending they check out my favorite hat shop* ​

Things to consider when buying a hat:
Why do you want to wear a hat? You need to know what you want from your hat before you can find the right one. 

If you're looking for sun protection you can't go wrong with a wide brim fedora. If you want something cute to throw on for a night out then try a cloche style (not a large brim or overly floppy so if you keep it on you won't look out of place) and I love a floppy fedora for a lazy day outside.   

Material- For Summer I LOVE straw. It's lightweight and depending on the Grade and Weave provides excellent sun protection and will hold up nicely to a whole season of wear and tear. Look for 100% straw and a tight weave for durability. You may also see hats marked 100% paper straw and they are great for rolling up and packing for the beach but don't expect them to last as long. More expert advice on material can be found here.  

Shape/Wearability- The best way to figure out what shape suits you is to try on different styles. Also important to think about what you'll be doing in the hat or where you are wearing it. So if you're going to the beach a large floppy style will work nicely but try to wear the same to a lunch with friends and you may find yourself knocking into things (waiters walking by with drinks), etc.  

Price Point/Price per wear- I have hats that range in price from $1.50 to $150. My $1.50 hat is a fun, floppy 100% paper straw hat that I wear in the pool so I don't care if it falls apart and don't expect it to last even the whole Summer let alone multiple seasons. I also have a $5 hat from Target that is a fun shade maker for the beach but you can definitely tell it is a cheap hat since it has a seam right down the middle. How much you want to spend is totally a personal preference and when I invest in a $150 hat I know I'll wear it enough to bring the price per wear down to about $1.50 so it makes sense for me. 

Where to get started? 
If you are new to wearing hats I'd suggest starting with one in the lower price range from Target or whatever reasonably priced retailer you enjoy. You'll find they are pretty well stocked in the Summer so it's a great season to try it out. I also challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and wear one to lunch or shopping or at the park- not just to the beach or pool. Share your hat style with us on Instagram. Be sure to tag #blackpearlbabestyle and #hattrick. 

Stay tuned for more in our Summer Style Series including upcoming posts on Sunglasses, Bags and Sandals. 

*I have no affiliation with Goorin Bros beyond being a loyal customer. I get no money for sending you to them and my inclusion of them in this blog post is 100% my idea and not because they asked or are paying me to do so. 

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