Entertaining: Keep it simple with Tasha from Everbelle Balm

Hi, I’m Tasha, co-creator of Everbelle balm.  

I don’t know about you, but in the craziness of life sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact!  I try to keep what I can as simple as possible, hence why we created Everbelle, a multi-tasking beauty balm that can be used from head to toe! I don’t leave home without it.  It’s the simple things in life that get me truly excited - a new bloom on a plant, a miniature anything (come on, how cute are tiny things?!), handwritten mail, feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair.  These are just a few joys that bring me so much.

As in every part of life, I try to keep entertaining simple, natural and relaxed so that I get to enjoy the party too. Living in sunny Los Angeles, the back yard is basically another living room so we usually take the party outside.  The natural setting instantly sets the vibe.  We literally move our kitchen table into the yard for dinner parties!  I love setting a scene for a party.  The secret to simple, elegant table-scaping is to use what you have and keep it natural.

First, I use brown craft paper or a colorful striped wrapping paper as a table runner.  Next comes the centerpieces. I love to use herbs I grow in the back yard. The herbs are fragrant, edible and beautiful. You’ll probably catch me eating rosemary straight off the bush. I can’t get enough of it! I put the herbs into recycled jars and cans. Mason jars, pickle jars, olive jars, you name it and I’ve probably used it! Using random sizes and shapes of jars give a nice variety.  To add more color to the table, I opt for fruit or fresh market flowers.  As for name cards, I used toilet paper rolls cut in half and I write the names with a metallic sharpie marker. The name card doubles as a napkin holder.  In the evening, candles and twinkle lights add a little magic. There’s something calming and relaxing when you enjoy dinner in the twilight with great conversation and great food. It’s all super simple yet elegant.  

home entertaining outdoor entertaining

It’s spring and there’s nothing better than an outdoor garden party. I recently threw a birthday party for adults and kids alike and used the same simple elegant table-scaping. This time the ‘tables' were pieces of wood covered in striped wrapping paper and the chairs were blankets and pillows. I love the relaxed atmosphere of everyone lounging while sipping fresh crafted cocktails and juice. I used potted succulents as centerpieces. It’s a perfect afternoon party atmosphere.  

Outdoor entertaining

It’s just as easy to set the scene indoors too. Bring the outdoors in! I love succulents! They are easy to grow and it’s simple to take a pot from outside right to your table! Even twigs and sticks from trees can be spray painted and put in vases for a unique centerpiece.  Whatever the occasion, using natural elements that you can find right outside your door can create a simple memorable table. 

 Cheers! Tasha

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