Cheers to Summer! Delicious Cocktails to Celebrate the Season

Enjoy the season with these fresh and delicious cocktails perfect for the pool, beach or backyard. I love simple drinks that don’t require a lot of tools or time and I don’t want to make a special trip to the store so have chosen ingredients you likely have on hand. These can be made in large batches and travel well making them perfect for entertaining or taking on a picnic. I had so much fun testing these out and found the perfect balance for me but you may want to adjust ingredients to suit your taste. Cheers! 

Lemon Lime Feelin’ Fine 
Single serving:
2 oz Vodka 
Lime rind 
Lemon rind
1/2 small/medium lemon juiced
1 whole small lime juiced 
3 oz Plain Club Soda or jazz it up more with a flavored La Croix 
Optional: Simple syrup, honey or maple syrup to taste If you like sweeter cocktails add splash of simple syrup or other sweetener (honey/maple syrup). If you add honey you can thin it out with hot water so it blends well. Add before the club soda. 

In a tall glass place the lemon and lime rind then add your favorite style ice (I like 1inch square cubes). Add vodka, lemon juice, lime juice (and sweetener if using) and mix together. Top with club soda and gently stir before drinking. 

Single serving: 
2 oz Tequila (gold or silver) 
2 whole small limes juiced
1 whole medium orange juiced 
Salt for rim - place a thin layer of salt on a plate
Sweetener: 1tsp Simple syrup or honey If you add honey you can thin it out with hot water so it blends well. 

In a separate pitcher or tumbler add tequila, juices and sweetener and mix well. Dip the rim of your desired drinking glass in water then in the plate of salt. Add crushed ice to the glass and pour your mixed Molly-rita over top. 

Simple Summer Sangria 
Makes a Large pitcher
1-2 Nectarines/Peaches pitted and sliced skin on
2 Oranges sliced into wedges with skin on
1 whole lemon juiced
1 tbsp Sugar 
2 750 ml bottles or 1 1.5L bottle Red or White wine (dry wines work best) 
Club Soda to top up 

In large pitcher add fruit, lemon juice, sugar and wine and mix well making sure sugar dissolves. 
You can make this ahead of time and let sit in the fridge, then add club soda right before serving. Ideally chill the mixture for at least an hour so you do not have to serve with ice. 

Savvy tips: 
Making for a crowd?  Just multiply the ingredients by number of drinkers. 
Taking them on the road? I like to pre-mix the alcohol and juices/sweeteners and then just add club soda on-site so it doesn't go flat in transit. 
Don’t have measuring tools? Eyeball 2 ounces of booze by placing 2 fingers stacked at the bottom of your glass and pour til it reaches that height. Then double that amount with the mixer liquid to balance it out. 

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