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5 Essentials to Pack for Spring Break

Posted by Molly Stone on

Whether you are packing up the whole family or heading off on your own don't forget these 5 essentials for fun in the sun. 

Swimsuit- While this may seem obvious I included it so you think about the activities you have planned and bring a swimsuit that works best for each of them. Planning to paddle board? Make sure you can stay covered while bending, twisting, etc. and have plenty of support. Lazing in a lounge chair and reading a book? I love glam options when I don't plan on moving around a lot. Having a swimwear wardrobe with pieces that work together to suit (sorry couldn't help it!) your lifestyle gives you freedom to do all the activities you want.    
Beach Dress- Throw over your swimsuit so you can go straight from ocean to lunch or cocktails. While it should be comfy, it should also look enough like something you would wear without a swimsuit to give you more versatility. The wrap dress from PRIMARY Collection is made out of quick dry fabric is perfect to take you from swim to the rest of your day without the obvious wet spots so many other "cover ups" show.  

SUNSCREEN -Not only is this important for your health, but it also will keep you from ruining your trip with an annoying sunburn. I put sunscreen all over my body before I put my suit on to make sure I'm fully protected and also to cut down on tan lines. This season I've enjoyed using sunscreen oil that really moisturizes while protecting my skin. Check out my favorite here

Hat- Oh how I love hats! Check out my handy guide for picking the right hat for you here. Hats are great for providing shade, style and a great way to cover up greasy beach hair. 

Multi-purpose beauty product  - Need lip balm, hand cream, night cream, hair balm or any other beauty solution? I am obsessed with finding products that pull double or triple duty and everbelle balm goes above and beyond to solve almost all my skin moisturizing needs. Instead of taking up precious space in your bag with a bunch of different products just bring this adorable tin of everbelle coconut balm

Grab my handy packing checklist and make your trip prep even easier! And sign up for the email list to be the first to shop our PRIMARY Collection coming Spring 2018 to grab our wrap dress and other foundational pieces for your swimwear wardrobe.  

I have not been compensated or provided with any free product for this post and there are no affiliate links included. These recommendations are 100% my opinion based on personal experience. 

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